A Wonderland Wedding!!

Hi Jane,

A wonderland wedding!! Thank you!

Chris and I were so amazed with how magical you made the reception for us, thank you for taking our rough concept and making it a reality. Everyone really enjoyed the intimate space – it was perfect for us.

We are off to Japan tomorrow, back in two weeks and will be in touch once we see all the photos.

Thank you
Felicity and Christopher

Mood Card for a Wedding in Margaret River

Moodcard for a wedding in Margaret RiverMood Card for a wedding in Margaret River

Thank you for your amazing contribution to my wedding!

Jane, I hope you are well.

I wanted to take the time to thank you on email for your amazing contribution to my wedding. I know that we exchanged texts while I was on honeymoon, but I wanted to send you a note to personally thank you. We worked together for months putting this marquee together and then I never actually got to see you at Caves House!  

But l will say this Jane, when I came down the stairs to the Emily Rose Terrace to marry Steve, there are two things I remember seeing – 1). Steve and 2). In the background, this amazing looking black & white wonderland down on the bottom garden. Our marquee. The whole ceremony I was trying to get in a sneak-view of the marquee without it looking like I was turning my back on the crowd!

Then hours later we finally arrived in the marquee and I got to see it in all its glory and your amazing work. I remembering being just blown away when Steve and I walked into the marquee with 140 of our most special guests. I tried to take in as much of the detail in the marquee as possible – the furniture, the lighting, the details, the colours. There was so much going on and I just remembering thinking to myself “this space is truly beautiful”. And it was. It was the sophisticated and memorable space that I knew I wanted us to create.

Jane as you know, I am a pretty determined person and when I know what I want, I go for it. Attention-to-detail is my middle name and I never do anything by halves! Whilst living in Sydney and planning a wedding in South-West WA, was a true challenge for me and something I don’t wish to put myself through again(!!), you always remained confident with me and assured me that you understood my ‘vision’. And you certainly did Jane.

The marquee was actually my favourite part of the wedding. The space that you created really was beyond every expectation I had Jane. So thank you so much. I truly am so grateful of what you helped me achieve.

Our friends and families have not stopped raving about your work. So thank you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get some enquiries from some of our guests.

And again……thank you.


Regards, Danika

Your work is amazing and I had a fairy tale wedding thanks to you!

Hi Jane, wow, wow wow!!!!. Just got a quick chance to get on email…Your work is amazing and I had a fairy tale wedding thanks to you. Thanks again it was so beautiful 



Jessica and Walter

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dear Jane,
Just so you have it on your record, your furniture absolutely made that reception.   The fact that you set it up personally enabled me to be able to relax knowing that the marquis would look absolutely superb.   Thank you, thank you, thank you.   The amazing attention to detail:  the stylish furniture, sumptuous mirrors, wardrobes, hangers, lamps with their crystals and feathers etc fitted  perfectly to achieve my living room image with it’s ‘his and hers’ chill out areas.   I have been singing your praises for the past month and I am sure you will get lots more business from it.   I hope you do.   I, for one, hope to have the opportunity to do it again.   I wish you were around when I used to all my charity fund-raising.

Good luck with your future endeavours.
Kind regards,

Sue Hovell

We cannot thank you enough!

Dear Jane,
We cannot thank you enough for the amazing job you did with decorating our reception venue.  The room was truly transformed.  We loved it all, from the striking table centrepieces, the beautiful chill out area which everyone raved about, to your lovely birdcages, the fresh flowers (which just happened to be one of my favourites as well), the tulle on the bridal table and all the little touches you added here and there which made it so very special.  We felt like we were providing a real treat for our guests and I honestly believe that it contributed to the success of our reception.  Everyone was just so happy on the night.

Jane, you truly are the queen of theme, a master magician, our fairy godmother who made all our wishes come true on our special day.  We fully recommend you to anyone who is after uniqueness and wanting extraordinary results.   We certainly got that from you and feel so blessed.  We wish you all the best with your business and will no doubt be hearing a lot more of you as you take over the world!

Love Justine and Jeff

Your stunning furniture allowed everybody to relax and mingle …

Dear Jane,
The transformation of Frasers Observasion Deck on Friday evening was out standing. Your stunning furniture allowed everybody to relax and mingle in the chill out areas. The black and gold French style really worked well. We will certainly be using your services for our next function.
So refreshing for Perth!!

Kylie White
BHP Billiton

Ta heaps!

Hi Jane
Ta heaps for the beautiful job on Satuaday night. it was amazing. Everyone including Dom and I were blown away. well done! Thanks


Thank you so much for a beautiful reception…

Dear Jane,
Thank you so much for a beautiful reception. It was everything a girl could have wanted. A magical evening fit for a princess. Even the manager of Frasers came up to me and said “How amazing it looked”.
Thanks Jane

Romina and Clyde